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London City Airport logoLondon City airport is implementing PAMS for remote alarm monitoring as part of its £350M redevelopment. The airport will become the first in the UK to replace its air traffic control tower for a “digital tower” based at NATS, Swanick, over 100 kilometres away. PAMS technology, proven in use in major airports across the UK enables secure reliable monitoring and management of alarm status of airport systems.

The PAMS Server is located in the Equipment Room at Swanwick. This includes 64 digital input channels for local closed contact (or switched to ground) alarm inputs and 16 digital output channels for closed contact alarm outputs to Saab’s SDATS.

The server also links to two Remote I/O Racks in London City Airport (LCY). In Equipment Room A it will monitor an additional 32 hard wired digital input channels for closed contact or switched to earth, alarm inputs. In Equipment Room B it will monitor an additional 16 hard wired digital input channels for closed contact or switched to earth, alarm inputs. The server also has SNMP functionality to link to a number of local SNMP enabled devices.

The system can be interacted with through a local display (or touch screen), keyboard and mouse, often the approach used by engineering staff or the server display can be made available through KVM Extenders and a point to point LAN cable connection.

The LCY Equipment Room and the Swanwick System Control Room will both be provided with a PAMS Workstation with touch screen interface. These comprise of a small format, fanless PC which connects through a standard ethernet LAN connection back to the main PAMS server. This approach has the advantage of requiring less space in the equipment room racks and no need for dedicated LAN cabling for KVM Extenders in ATC.

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