Contingency Alarm Status system for Jersey Airport CI

jersey airport control towerJersey Airport, ChanneI Islands, the installation site for the very first PAMS in 2003, has installed a new PAMS for their ATC contingency facility.


The system was supplied by Tascomp to Systems Inteface Ltd  of Cranleigh UK, who were awarded the delivery phase of the project by Ports of Jersey Limited.

The new ATC contingency facility will allow the Air Traffic Control services to continue with minimal interruption from within a building close to the airport in the event of loss of the exisiting ATC building or facilities.

About Jersey Airportlogo jersey

Jersey Airport air traffic control annually manages in excess of 100,000 flights within the Channel Islands Airspace. Jersey Airport’s passenger numbers exceeded 1.5 million people in 2015, its highest level since 2008.

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