PAMS ATC Alarm Management Systems have been supplied for commercial and military installations.

London City Airport Remote Tower Alarm Management

London City Airport logo

The first major international airport in the world to be fully controlled by a remote digital air traffic control tower.

PAMS was specified to handle remote alarm management as part of the £350M redevelopment of the airport and implementation of a Digital Tower.

Alarm supervisory system for Jersey airport

logo jerseyJersey Airport is the gateway to the Channel Islands handling over a million passengers a year from the UK and Europe. The smooth and safe running of the airport relies on the operation and maintenance of several hundred systems for air traffic control, passenger information, meteorological, air conditioning, intruder detection etc.This responsibility lies with the Jersey States Department of Electronics (DOE) which monitors all airport systems 24 hours a day.

London City Airport Remote Tower

Military Air Bases & Ranges

PAMS for Digital Tower