PAMS Alarm Management System

pams alarm touch screenPAMS is a Commercial Off The Shelf (COTS) product that is designed to provide centralised monitoring of the alarm status of a variety of ground based electronic equipment and systems used around an airfield, ranging from communications and navigation equipment, to power supplies and meteorological devices.

In the event of an operational system developing a fault, an alarm condition is triggered on the PAMS Site System and this is displayed at one or more locations. All alarm statuses are available to engineering and typically a defined, more critical subset is made available to Air Traffic Control (ATC) operators. This allows minor alerts and degraded states to be acted upon by engineering staff without impacting on the ATC operations.

Digital Tower

ATC/ATE ground based systems alarm status management for Digital Towers.

PAMS Digital Tower

Remote Digital Tower

ATC/ATE ground based systems alarm status management for Remote Digital Towers.

PAMS Remote Digital Tower

Digital Contingency Tower

ATC/ATE ground based systems alarm status management for Digital Contingency Towers.

Strategically providing a heightened level of redundancy, a Digital Contingency Tower provides a secondary means of operating air traffic services from another location on the airfield. PAMS allows for this with a contingency system capable of communicating directly with the airfield equipment (for example, CNS (Communications, Navigation and Surveillance) devices), but also with the PAMS Site System Server in the Digital Tower.

Recorded alarm event data is continuously synchronised between the two systems, ensuring that the Contingency Tower is permanently ready for use. An electronic heartbeat is transmitted between the systems and is used to provide a supervised, controlled changeover mechanism when the contingency system needs to be employed.


PAMS c tower test 1

Digital Hub & Satellite Towers

ATC/ATE ground based systems alarm status management for Digital Hub and Satellite Towers.

PAMS flexible configuration allows multiple satellite towers to be manged locally or from a remote digital hub..

PAMS Digital Hub Satellite Towers

Group Alarm Server

PAMS Group Alarm Server provides a supervisory system for multiple PAMS Site Systems so that a central overview of several airports or airfields can be presented. Group Alarm Server provides an overview display of the status of all monitored sites and the ability to view the full status display of any individual site. Group Alarm Server also consolidates all alarm status event data making it possible to view and analyse alarm history over any period.

Remote Tower Alarm Management for Airports

PAMS Group Alarm Server enables safe and secure management of alarm systems from several remote airports at a central remote tower.

Connectivity & Interfacing

PAMS supports industry standard and proprietary connectivity to allow virtually unlimited communication with remote equipment and devices.

If you have a requirement that is not listed below please contact us as additional connectivity options are in continuous development.

London City Airport Remote Tower

Military Air Bases & Ranges

PAMS for Digital Tower