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Billingham based industrial software development company Tascomp has won a major order for the supply of its PAMS centralised alarm management systems to UK military airbases and ranges.

The order has been placed by NATS (National Air Traffic Service), part of the Aquila consortium that was awarded the UK Ministry of Defence (MoD) MARSHALL program. The program will provide the MoD with an integrated military airfield air traffic control system over a twenty two year duration.

Tascomp will supply PAMS to more than twenty MoD sites along with training and development systems over a five year period and provide upgrade and support services for the duration of the entire contract.

PAMS will enable one of the project’s key aims, allowing services to be centralised, streamlining delivery and making better use of new technology. PAMS allows RAF airfields, Royal Navy Air Stations and the more geographically isolated MoD airfields and ranges to operate on a stand-alone basis, with the benefit of the overall status of all the PAMS sites being monitored centrally through a PAMS Group Alarm Server.

PAMS – Prodigy Alarm Management System replaces outdated alarm panels which are used to monitor the multitude of different alarm systems in place at any airport. Proven in use in commercial airports since 2003, PAMS is now installed in airports across the UK.

jersey airport control towerJersey Airport, ChanneI Islands, the installation site for the very first PAMS in 2003, has installed a new PAMS for their ATC contingency facility.

The system was supplied by Tascomp to Systems Inteface Ltd  of Cranleigh UK, who were awarded the delivery phase of the project by Ports of Jersey Limited.

The new ATC contingency facility will allow the Air Traffic Control services to continue with minimal interruption from within a building close to the airport in the event of loss of the exisiting ATC building or facilities.

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Jersey Airport air traffic control annually manages in excess of 100,000 flights within the Channel Islands Airspace. Jersey Airport’s passenger numbers exceeded 1.5 million people in 2015, its highest level since 2008.

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